About Us

 Hello and Welcome to Kou's loft, we are a small back yard loft located in the Twincities area. Our lofts consist of a 4x8 breeding loft and a 10x5 racing loft. There are only 8 boxes for the breeders and 20 widowhood boxes. I have had pigeons on and off for about 12 years but have been around pigeons since 10yrs old. I started competitive racing in the 2009 young bird season. It has been a great joy. The Loft sizes are small so we try to keep only the very best. Sometimes we will sell 1-2 per year but other than that we dont sell pigeons. This page was made to promote the wonderful hobby that we all enjoy! If your not in the hobby your missing out. I am a member of the United Racing Pigeon Club and The Heartland Federation. Have a look around and enjoy.

Kou Xiong

50 First Dates - Somewhere Over The Rainbow .mp3

One side of the Widowhood section

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