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Breeding Hens Below 

Bred 4th Place Fall Classic Furturity, e1st 3x and 9th 350 Final Race and 2nd OverAll Ace Bird 


Sire:GFL-835-07 "Northern Le Mans" Sire to 10th Place Empire Classic 350Miles. 2nd Place Empire Classic 420Miles 1st Avg.Speed in 2008 winning $16.000. Also sire of 1st Ace.YB in UNC combine in 2008..

Dam:CU-3511-07 "Lady Alves" 1st Place Empire Classic 2007 Winning $51.000 biggest money winner in Canadian History. Also Full sister to "Green Emerald" Dam to 10th Empire 350miles and 2nd 420miles....

AU 09 Bieche 9212 Flew in the AGN

Sire:AU 09 Bieche 8489 Son of "De Baron" 

Dam:AU 09 Bieche 6072 No.1 Ace pigeon all California. Full brother Won $10,000 Ca. Classic...

Bred APC-521 Ace Pigeon in 3 Catogories and H.O.F.

"Witpen Uno" NL 07-5726632

Sire:NL 07-5236776 Kees Bosuas Main Family Late Van De,Uno,Late Marbell,Inbred bourges OHF's Duke.

Dam:NL 98-4568953 "Victoria" Daughter of UNO and Victory. Uno 1st National Bourges 10.992b Foundation bird for R.X Verstraete and many others GFL's aviator is a great great great great grand son of Uno 

AU 06 DFL 304 Bred Money winner At Midwest 1 Loft

Sire:GFL-53-95 "Oscar" Son of National 543 the first short distance national ace pigeon ever brought to the UnitedStates. The National 543 if you can find is still the foundation blood for lofts that have them.

Dam:GFL-740-95 H&O Janssen "SuperCrack 740" Full sister to "SuperCrack 801" This hen is Direct Daughter of SuperCrack Oympiad 699. Also a grand Daughter of Champion 969.

Bred 2x e1st in Sierra Ranch Classic

AU 08 GHC 13320...2nd 751b 36L 155Miles....5th 1278b 64L 218Miles.....9th 2038b 106L 218Miles.

Sire:AU 94 FVC 4140 Shortface Verheye all of Art Hees best blood in this pigeon.

Dam:AU 04 Arpu 19358 Flew the Merl Emerson 2004 Classic 39th 1706b 107L 3mins to win it.

AU 00 OZ 0670 7x inbred 969 foundation hen for the Late Jim Darst.

Sire: Grandson of GFL-85-371 The Best son of 969

Dam:Grandaughter of 969

Bred 3rd Place Twin Cities Gold Band Race


Sire:Son of Figo Foundation Breeder

Dam:R & X Verstraete daughter of "Flippo" Also half sister to "Diva" Dax 1005 1.Npo Hens 2. Int. Dax hens


Sire:Son of De178 of Flor Engels #1Breeder in Flor's Loft

Dam:This hen is a full sister to " ASKE", 1st ALL Around bird from Belgium 2003 OLYMPIAD and sold to Barry Yu for $55,000. This hen has all the best blood of Belgium in her



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