2011 One Loft Results.

I entered The Sierra Ranch Classic, Americas International Challenge, Twin City Gold Band Race, Fall Classic Futurity in 2011.

SrClassic~Sent 4 Pigeons~ e1st, 9th 195Mi vs 520b~e1st, 13th 224Mi vs 519b 33rd avg.speed Send 4 birds. Initial entry 700+birds.

Twin City Concourse Gold Band Race~Sent 2 Pigeons~ 3rd and 2nd OOA 297Mi vs 189b Intial bands bought 400 Handled by Jim Stehr. 5th Champion Bird Classic Races.

Fall Classic Futurity ~Sent 4 Pigeons. 4th 350mi vs 106b inital entry 130b

Americas International Challenge~Sent 1 Pigeon~ e1st 17th 150mi vs 451b, e1st 15th 200mi vs 398b, 169th 250Mi, e1st 3rd 300mi, 9th 350mi. Intial Entry 800+ 2nd Over All AverageSpeed! AMAZIN!

2010: 2 sent Midwest1loft.com 3rd overall avg. speed. 5500pts, 2 on the 1st drop on the 150miles second one got lost on the 200.

2009: 2 sent Midwest1loft.com 21st position 600pts and 54th

2008: 2 sent Au Convention Race in Minnesota 169th vs 778b 32L



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