2011 Results:

2011 OB Flying Natural. 8th Avg. Speed Overall vs 63 Lofts. 2nd MasterLoft. 3rd Champion Bird w/ results below.

229th~14 sent vs 1018b 52Lofts 100Miles

142nd~11 sent vs 1173b 60Lofts 125miles

18th~11 sent vs 1003b 58Lofts 200miles

25th~12 sent vs 621b 54Lofts 300Miles

39th~6 sent vs 589b 51Lofts 200Miles

4th~7 sent vs 273b 30Lofts 500Miles

10th~7 sent vs 1057b 60Lofts 125Miles

65th~10 sent vs 715 56Lofts 200Miles

5th~1 sent vs 199b 31Lofts 500Miles

77th~6 sent vs 575b 47Lofts 400Miles

25th~4 sent vs 219b 28Lofts 600Miles




2010 Results:

2010 OB Flying Natural to the Perch. 10th avg. speed overall vs 64 Lofts w/ results below.

130th~  12 sent vs 1135b 61Lofts 100Miles

137th~ 13 sent vs 1151 64Lofts 125Miles

62nd~ 13 sent vs 1016b 55Lofts 200Miles

104th~ 13 sent vs 828b 60Lofts 300Miles

43rd~ 8 sent vs 704b 60Lofts 200Miles

19th~ 4 sent vs 346b 42Lofts 500Miles

1st~ 13 sent vs 886b 56Lofts 125Miles

38th~ 10 sent vs 673b 53Lofts 300Miles

51st~ 10 sent vs 585b 45Lofts 400miles

67th~ 1 sent vs 373b 30Lofts 300miles

2010 Yb only Sent to 4 races 2 busy nothing credible.

2009 YB's birdages avg. for masters 5max was 100B Open races avg. 300b

100M Masters 1,2,3,4,8
100M Open 3,5,6,29,30
150M Masters 8,9,10
150M Open 16,17
150M Masters 22,23
150M Open 7,12,13,14,21
200M Masters 10,13,23
200M Open 21,22,23,24,25
200M Masters 7,8,16
200M Open 1,2,11,12,13,14
300M Masters 13,14,28
300M Open 6,7,38,39



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